Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

Looking to build custom home in Melbourne? Renage Home Builders Melbourne offers a range of affordable home building, home renovations, house extensions, Kitchen renovations and bathroom remodel services. Serving clients in Mentone, Glen Iris, Malvern, Mordiallic, Aspendandle, Beaumaris & Hampton.

Does your home need professional help in custom home build, house renovation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation or home extension services?

Custom Home extensions can go a long way in improving the look of your house while also increasing its value. Many custom extensions can provide a specific niche to your home, that not only makes it a lot more comfortable to live in, but also offers a personalised touch.

Pre-existing homes will often have a layout or a decor style that does not necessarily match your specific needs. It is not financially feasible to buy an entire new house just for the sake of a small change.

This is why, custom home builders can be a boon for many homeowners, allowing them to save a large amount of money, while also transforming their home into something that is more suitable to their tastes and wants.

When you go with the right luxury home builders in Melbourne, you can specify your requirements to help them factor in a blueprint that will consider your personal preferences for the interior. This will not only beautify the exterior, but will also make significant changes to the interior, that will enable you to extract a higher level of functionality from your home.

Our custom home builders in Melbourne can ensure that you get the home you've always wanted in record time, and at affordable rates. With our custom builds, you will never have to deal with issues like poor plumbing and bad wiring that is rampant, with a lot of preexisting homes.



Custom home builders in Melbourne allow you to have a large amount of direction over the specific way in which your home is constructed. This means that your home will be created in such a manner that the aesthetic will appeal to your senses, whether it be the kitchen, the bathroom, the lawn or any of the rooms within the house.

A project of a similar nature would cost you an extremely high amount of money when placing these renovations on a pre-existing home. When you build a custom home from the ground up with the right custom home builders, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with the price point that is finalised.

Melbourne based Renage Custom Home Builders are experts in custom home building, residential commercial renovations, house extensions, Kitchen renovations & Bathroom remodeling.

Renage Custom Home Builders offer a complete service from the very beginning of the planning stage, all the way through to your completed project.

All whilst assisting and guiding you with our own experience and expertise.

We can also work directly with your own architect or building designer as your dedicated luxury home builders in Melbourne. We are as versatile as each individual project needs to be.

When it comes to custom home builders, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled builders who have worked on a multitude of projects across Melbourne. So, you can be assured that your home building project is in reliable hands.

We serve throughout Melbourne including Mentone, Glen Iris, Malvern & Mordialloc, Aspendale, Beaumaris & Hampton.